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Acid-free Paper

Acid-free Paper

The Importance of Acid-Free and Lignin-Free, Conservation-Grade Paper in Arcoalbum Products

At Arcoalbum, we believe in creating not just photo albums and books, but timeless treasures that carry your most cherished memories. Central to our commitment to quality and longevity is our choice of materials, particularly our use of acid-free and lignin-free, conservation-grade paper. In this blog, we’ll explore why these features are critical in crafting albums and books that stand the test of time.

What is Acid-Free Paper?

Acid-free paper is made using alkaline paper making technology. This means that the paper has a pH level of 7 or higher, ensuring it does not degrade over time. The presence of acid in paper - often found in standard paper products - can lead to deterioration, causing yellowing, brittleness, and overall degradation. By choosing acid-free paper for our albums and books, we ensure that your photographs and writings remain pristine for decades, retaining their color and integrity.

The Role of Lignin-Free Paper

Lignin is a natural substance found in wood fibers, which, when exposed to air and sunlight, can cause paper to turn yellow and become brittle. Lignin-free paper, as the name suggests, is processed to remove this substance, further enhancing the durability of the paper. This type of paper is essential for albums and books, as it greatly extends the life of the products and ensures that your memories are preserved in their original state, without discoloration or deterioration.

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Conservation-Grade: A Standard for Preservation

Conservation-grade paper takes the qualities of acid-free and lignin-free paper a step further. It meets strict standards set by conservation experts, ensuring that the paper will not only last for years but also provide a safe environment for the items stored within it. This is particularly important for photo albums and memory books, as photographs can be sensitive to the environment in which they are stored.

Why Arcoalbum Chooses the Best

At Arcoalbum, our choice to use acid-free, lignin-free, and conservation-grade paper reflects our commitment to preserving your memories. Our albums and books are designed to be family heirlooms, passed down through generations. By using this high-quality paper, we provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing that their memories are preserved in albums and books that are designed to last.


In the end, the quality of an album or book is determined by the quality of its materials. At Arcoalbum, we don’t just create products; we create legacies. By using acid-free, lignin-free, and conservation-grade paper, we ensure that your memories are not just stored, but preserved, allowing you to relive them for many years to come.

Thank you for choosing Arcoalbum, where your memories are as important to us as they are to you.