Where is Arcoalbum based?
We are based in Lithuania.

What shipping do you offer? 
We ship our Albums via DPD, Fedex or DHL worldwide.

What is included to your albums prices?
Our prices include print and binding.

How many spreads is minimum/maximum in album?
The minimum number is 10 spreads and the maximum is 50 spreads. 

Do you offer Sample albums?
Yes. Arcoalbum offer 50% off  on all Sample albums. We add  a “sample” stamp on the back cover of the album.
Sample discounts cannot be combined with other campaigns or discounts happening simultaneously.

Due to the high volume of orders received in October, November and December Arcoalbum will not produce any products with sample discount
The production of sample orders requested during this period (October, November and December) will be paused until January 2nd, the next year.

Do you provide cover swatches?

Yes, you can choose when ordering on our web page, look at “samples”.

How long is your turnaround time?
The production time is 7 working days. For turnaround time, the date of uploading files is considered as the first business day if the order is placed till 12 am (UK time) between Monday and Friday. Even so, it is necessary that files received are in perfect condition for printing.

How can I order from Arcoalbum?
You should create a client’s account which will allow you to use our web page.

Do you make corrections to my files?
It’s very important to have your monitor color corrected as we print without adjusting your look and style. Every photographer has a slightly different branded look that is unique to their studio. Please ask us for the Calibration Proof and download the file available on the website to adjust your monitor.

What color profile do you prefer?
sRGB is the best color profile for photographic printing, your files must be 300 DPI resolution, jpg file.

How can I get your pricelist?
The first thing you need to register on our website, then you can download our catalogue and price list. Unfortunately we do not work with the general public. Only professional photographers will be authorized to access such secured information. 

How can I show products to my customers?
Our catalogue was made thinking on this issue. You can download it and show it to your customers as it has no prices shown.

Does all of your products are made in Arcoalbum office?
Yes, all our products are hand made by our team.

What kind of payments Arcoalbum accepts?

The payment of all orders is made exclusively online with Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa), Debit cards, bank transfers or PayPal. 

What is the best way to protect albums?
The most effective way to ensure your albums longevity is to store it away from food and liquids, the direct sun light and far from too warm or to cold and humid places. Every product will have the Instructions for Use with it.

What if my album arrives damaged?
We stand behind our products and hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality. Because of the handcrafted nature of our business, there may be minor variations in material color and construction which are to be considered as the individual personality of your Album. However, any damages or major flaws resulting from shipping or negligence on our part must be photographed and sent to info@arcoalbum.com, after receiving it so we can correct the situation.

Can I make changes after order has been placed?
Due to the custom nature of our products, your order cannot be cancelled once it has been placed. However if you notice that you have made a mistake please contact us immediately through info@arcoalbum.com  and we will do all we can to help you.

Does your company work internationally?
Absolutely! Although we may have different products, Price List and currency depending on each country, but we can ship anywhere in the world.

Do you give warranty to products?
All our Albums have lifetime warranty if the instructions of the best way to protect your Album are complied. 

When my order becomes validated and liable to pay?
After sending the files your order is validated. If you have questions about the price, previously consult our Price List. Any changes or cancellations will only be accepted in writing and immediately after uploading the files, otherwise you will have to bear the costs of the order production process to date of the request for cancellation and/or changes.

How long  Arcoalbum keeps my order's files stored?
For storage reasons, order's files are automatically eliminated from Arcoalbum's servers 10 days after the order is complete. For this reason Arcoalbum is not responsible for returning the files or warrant its reprinting. If you want to receive your order's design you must request it by email to your account manager within the mentioned period. 

How should I number my files to ensure correct sequence of printing? 
Always name your files with 2 digits (example: 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, 10.jpg, 11.jpg, …Cover ) according to the correct order in which your album should be printed. 

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